If you're thinking about getting a website for the first time, here are some things to consider:

A website consists of three parts:

Websites can be built using different software and written in different languages. They can be custom made or built from pre-designed templates. There are packages available from a variety of sources where you fill-in your own information. And, there are free websites & blogs available.

There are pros and cons to each method. For example, while a free website sounds great, consider this: It may take a long time to learn how to create the site and make it look good. There may be advertising on your site that you can't control.

A pre-designed, on-line package lets you control the content but usually requires a significant time investment, plus it may be more expensive over time than hiring a custom designer. Be wary of the advertising for these packages that makes it sound simple to have a website up in no time.


Start by defining your goal. Why do you want a website and what to you hope to achieve with it?

Then, envision the content of the site. What kind of information will it contain based on your goal? How big will it be? That is, imagine the links that make up the menu of your site with each link representing a page of information.

With that in mind, who will update and maintain the information on your site and how often? Find out how much it costs to have changes made to your website.

How many visitors do you expect your website to attract and how will you promote it? It usually takes the search engines like Google a month or more to "index" your site when you first launch, and depending on how competitive your market, you may never rank very high without further investment. There are companies that specialize in enhancing search engine results.

The bottom line here is, unless you have hours to invest in researching all of the options, make your first call to Lapeer Web Design. I offer a free consultation to help you wade through the myriad of options. whatever you decide will be okay. I really do want to help you get the right product.

Here are some links to more information that may be of help: