If you do not like your website and Lapeer Web Design cannot satisfy any reasonable request, the site will not be deployed and there will be no charge for my fees.

Payment will be expected for any other costs incurred related to the site. Costs may include, but are not limited to, host setup, domain name purchase, purchase of photographs, templates, etc.

This guarantee is good for 90 days from the time you authorize the site to commence. If the website is not deployed within the 90 days for reasons beyond the control of Lapeer Web Design, the full amount is owed.


Lapeer Web Design accepts no legal responsible for the website’s content. It is assumed that upon deployment of your web site you have read all content and accept it to be true and accurate.

You also agree that you have obtained the legal rights to use and/or distribute all materials provided to Lapeer Web Design for the design and deployment of your site. Materials include things such as fonts, videos, pictures, brochures, logos, written copy, computer programs/applications or any other intellectual property.

Lapeer Web Design will not deploy any photographs, artwork or other materials copied from another web site without the expressed permission of the material’s owner.