Website Design/Development Process

Step 1)
Initial discussion regarding goals, expectations and scope of website. Decide on hosting arrangement and URL addresses.

Step 2)
A design is presented. At this point there is an allowance for two sets of changes to an original design. If an existing template is chosen, there are no modifications allowed except for color scheme and background pictures. This is an important process since once the design is approved no further modifications can be made without incurring additional expense. Design changes are things such as Main Links, Side Bar locations, header and footer design. Content is not considered part of the design, while links are. Main links determine the scope and content of the site as well as how many pages are considered part of the website.

Step 3)
Approve design

Step 4)
All information regarding content is gathered, including pictures, text, external links, functionality, database, etc. This may involve an extensive interview and photo shoots and require your time to gather information. I will help as much as I can to collect the elements for your site, but keep in mind that this site is for your company and you know a whole lot more about your business than anyone else.

Step 5)
Build site and upload to a non-public address for viewing.

Step 6)
Two sets of changes to content are allowed. The changes can be as extensive as necessary, but ONLY twice. Further changes will result in additional costs. At this point it is very important for you to open and read every page and click every link for review and proofing. I try my best to correct spelling and grammar but ultimately this is your website for which you are responsible. I accept no responsibility for any content regardless if it was originally written by me or not.

Step 7)
Launch site. By allowing your site to be launched publically you have accepted the work. Payment is due upon launch. No further changes are allowed without incurring additional expense, however if there are any errors due to the design and/or development of site I will correct at no cost.