SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO seeks to improve your website's rank when a key word is typed into Google, Bing or another search engine. It is often assumed that once you have a website you can immediately Google it and your website will pop up first on the list. Unfortunately this is not the case. Search engines decide how relevant your website is to search word based on a number of factors such as

How well you rank also depends on the competitve nature of your business and your geographic coverage area. For example, “car sales, Michigan” may garner 14 million results versus “running shoes, Lapeer, mi” which may get about 34 thousand results. Obviously the fewer results in a category means that you have a better chance of coming up in the top results of a key word search. It can also takes days/weeks before you are “indexed” by the major search engines and your website is recognized.

I use best practices when building website to optimize for search engines. Included in the basic service is:

Beyond that, I charge my hourly rate for further SEO work; however I never guarantee success because there are too many variables. If your website is not performing on the search engines as you would have expected, we can work together to develop a plan of action.

For more reading about SEO click here for Google's SEO Starter Guide PDF